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30 Minutes Of Reach

December 29, 2014


I was over at a mate’s flat, and he decided we should play a bit of Halo: Reach. Having seen me physically enact how well I play ego shooters with sticks – by the time I get my screen oriented and the reticle pointed toward something the situation has likely already resolved itself in my […]

Greenheart gamed Greenlight

September 29, 2013


Period. The post is not at all timely, but this still irritates me. My last post on the subject was a bit disjointed and ranty, but should have at least pointed people to the truth. Yet I never heard from a single person who agreed. The closest to agreement I got was along the lines […]

Used games bad? I’m just gonna put this here…

June 5, 2013


…because I know how the Intarweb likes to change/remove things. Here’s a link to the original, hopefully unchanged but preserved here in any event, post: faceless007 AAA ETHER 05-27-2013, 08:59 AM Originally Posted by Open Source:  If the secondhand market is not having a major detrimental effect on the primary market, then why would it need to […]

oh noes, teh Pirates!

April 30, 2013


Another fine developer brought down by pirates strikes back with wit and flair! Or so this article based (loosely) on this developer’s blog post would have you believe. Hoo-haw! Pirates complaining that the game-development sim they pirated won’t let them win because of -get this- simulated piracy! Oh, it’s priceless! Except… If anyone had actually […]

The Saga begins…

February 19, 2010


It was around this time I became so thoroughly disgusted with the way software companies treat consumers that I started publicly speaking out. The PA guys responded to me that they couldn’t understand how I could think the original strip was anti-consumer. It’s a sentiment I continue to encounter everywhere. The corporations have brainwashed the […]